How to Get 500 Real, Targeted Instagram Followers Per Day in 2021

Instagram Undoubtedly took the World by Surprise, when the app first launched it got about 1.5 million Users within 3 months.


As you are Reading this article right now, that number has increased up to 800 Million active users and still increasing by the day. The platform has evolved to have more power, more capabilities and much more perfection.

Now more than ever, Instagram has never been more useful than it is right Now! (for personal and brand building).

In this article, I’ll tell you how to get 500 real, targeted Instagram followers daily in two Simple Steps. (Bonus Step at end of Article).

Step 1:  Find and Follow your Niche Fan

•First Locate your top Competition

Lets take for example, you are in the Gaming Niche, navigate to your Instagram search bar and search #Gaming. You’ll see the top posts in your Niche, click on the very first post and you will see at least 1k plus Likes, Click on the Account with the Post (Your top Competitor) and you’ll see their account details.

*Note that all accounts that follow your top competitor are your Niche fans and will follow you too if you take the Second step seriously

•Follow 50 accounts an hour

You’ve found your top Competitors’ followers, all you have to do is follow them all ( 50 accounts every hour), follow an estimate of 50 accounts per hour to avoid your follow button from being blocked by Instagram. Do this at least thrice a day (i.e.  follow at least 150 accounts in your niche daily with an interval 3hrs) and I Guarantee you’ll  be getting at least 100 followers everyday. That been Said Let’s Get to Step 2.

Step 2:  Use POPULAR UP App to Get Random Followers. 

Popular Up’  is an app that gives you 15 real and high quality followers free everyday, all you have to do is Open the app and Click FREE FOLLOWERS, it says 5 but  15 or more will be delivered, fun fact is you can exchange coins for followers (Coins are gotten by following and likingother Users Posts).

Download Popular up Now



Open the ‘Popular up’and Click the account tab, then select ‘Enter Invitation codeand enter this Secret Promo Code “mSUgxs


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