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Chadian President Idris Debby Dies at Battlefield

Chad’s recently re-elected president, Idriss Itno, has died of injuries when fighting the rebels in the north of the Sahel country.

Chadian President Idris Debby Dies at Battlefield
Chadian President Idris Debby Dies at Battlefield

The shocking news came only the day after the 68-year-old man was proclaimed the winner of a presidential election that had given him a sixth mandate in office.
The army said that Deby had been Commanding his team on the weekend, as he fought against the rebels who had launched an incursion to the north of the country on the day of the elections.
Deby “just breathe his last breath while defending the sovereign nation on the battlefield,” said Army spokesman Azem Bermandoa Agouna in a statement delivered to Delphnews
Chadian President Idris Debby Dies at Battlefield
Chad President, Idris Debby Itno

68 year Old Deby had governed Chad for thirty years, considering the fact that he was a key ally in the West Anti-Jihadist campaign Issues in the Sahel region.

The army said a military regime led by the 37-year-old son of the late  Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno, who is a four-star general, would replace him.
Chadian President Idris Debby Dies at Battlefield
Debby Itno in Military Uniform

Deby would have been one of the longest service leaders in the world, after the provisional results showed him that he earned the elections of April 11.

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He was the son of a Herder from Zaghawa ethnic group who took the classic road to power through the Military and enjoyed military culture.
Chadian President Idris Debby Dies at Battlefield
Pic: Debby Itno – Chad President

His last electoral victory – with nearly 80% of the vote – had never had a doubt, with divided opposition, boycot appeals and a campaign in which events were banned or dispersed.
Deby had campaigned on a promise to bring peace and security to the region, but his commitments were compromised by the rebel incursion.
On Monday, the army  claimed a “great victory” in its battle against the rebels from Libya, saying to Delphnews that they managed to decapitate 300 fighters, with only  the loss of five soldiers in its own ranks during the severe eight days of war.
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The government on Monday assured interested residents that the offensive was over.
The tanks were retired later than a perimeter around the president’s office, which is under heavy safety during normal times.
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