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5 important tips for FPL players

The time for the FPL craze is here again. Wanna finish top of your mini league and get some bragging rights? Here’s 5 tips for FPL players.

Use two £4.5 goalkeepers


Lol. This one seems controversial but hear me out. There’s no need getting the premium goalkeepers into your team. The premium goalkeepers would bring points for cleansheets and that’s where the list stops.Budget goalkeepers would bring the occasional cleansheets, points for saves made, man of the match awards.

Last season, 2 of the top 3 goalkeepers, Martinez and Meslier, started at £4.5. Another positive is that the ended up increasing the owner’s team value by up to £1. Another plus side is that the extra cash saved by investing in budget goalkeepers would be used where it really matters.

Avoid centre backs and defensive mids

With the game focused more on rewarding attacking returns, the obvious plan is to focus on more attack minded players.That is, avoid Kante, Ndidi, Rice, Maguire.

These players can be good in a double gameweek or when the chips are in play. When the chips are down, focus on attacking midfielders and full backs.

Focus on midfield

Your premium picks should be midfield players, such as Bruno, Salah, Son.Why? They get the chance to earn points for their team’s performance both in an attacking and defensive sense.

Find out budget players playing out of position

Your Lundstrams, Dallas. There’s always a budget player that FPL classified as a defender, but the player ends up playing in midfield for his team and starts giving points like a premium player.

Budget picks in the promoted teams

There’s always value to be found in promoted teams, Leeds had the bulk of them last season. Find one or a couple of players from promoted teams that did well in the championship and see how it goes.

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