“I Like Cross but he doesn’t Notice Me” – Princess BBNaija

Princess Big Brother S6 housemate revealed she was interested in Cross but Cross didn’t even realize it in the house.

Princess has a Crush on Cross
Every Girl in the House seems to have a Crush on Cross Including Princess

This she said on Friday, the 20th day of the show during her diary session with Big Brother when he asked her to discuss in-house relationships and situations.

She said she saw so many ladies around Cross and she stayed away.


She said, “I like someone in the house, but too many ladies around him, so I decided to stay away.” She said.

Big Brother asked her who was the person and before saying, “Cross.” She thought for a while.” Then Biggy said, “You probably don’t like him that much if you had to think about his name.”

“No Big Brother, I do,” replied Princess. My head has too many names. I just mentioned a few now, so I missed it.”

When Big Brother asked her who her rivals were, she said, “I don’t think I’ve got a rival. There’s no connection, I feel. I feel he doesn’t see me anymore, he talks more about seeing me somehow.”

“I feel that he doesn’t even see me at all. The women of whom I’m referring are probably only friends.

“I realize that few people like him in one way or another, not just as friends, but I’m cool and all right. I’m here to play a game so I’m concentrated on the game. It’s gorgeous if love happens. If not, cool!” If not.

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