Meet the most “horror-looking” boy in town, whom residents have labeled as alien and stigmatized – See Photos

We as a whole might suspect that we have seen everything until we at last see it. A few things are reasonable and when we go over such things we feel like our issues are so little and basic contrasted with issues like this one.

Child with a Triangular Head Via @delphnews_
Child with a Triangular Head Via @delphnews_

Meet child Sidiveri who menaces call an alien. His mom, called Liberata recounts anecdote about her child who has a three-sided formed head and thus prompting bullies to tag him an Alien 👽

What is befalling this current lady’s child is staggering, everybody that glances at it get stunned and become puzzled. Anyway, this lady is truly stressed over the existence of her child since and what she is going through is a lot for her.


Her better half left her the second he saw this child saying he doesn’t bring forth beasts thus his wife should return it to Satan where she got it from.

She has struggled with life, and this is what she is still doing at the present time. Liberata claims that she became agitated as a result of what was happening to her. Nobody needed to talk to her on a regular basis because they all flee the moment they see the child. They regard it as a monster and an alien, and they are scared of it.

The distress that this child is facing is quite tremendous, and what continues to hurt the mother is that She can’t do anything to stop it. Nobody is willing to help the poor lady because she can’t really explain how all these came about.

She used to live in the City but because of her triangular Headed Child, She relocated to the Village to Seek help and Greener Pastures.

No Mother could kill her own Child, So She Promises to do all she can to secure a better life for herself and her Child. Would You Like to Drop a Comment? Click Here

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