“Stay Away From Liquorose, She’s my Wife” – Emmanuel warns Boma.

Mr Africa has made it known that he doesn’t want any guy snooping around his wife, Liquorose.

Pic: Emmanuel Marking his Territory and Boma Laughing
Pic: Emmanuel Marking his Territory and Boma Laughing

After their Thursday Presentation, Boma was discussing with Liquorose at a a very close range, they weren’t discussing something ridiculous, Boma wanted to know Emmanuel’s Whereabouts.

Emmanuel on seeing the little range quickly dived in between them and Jokingly warned Boma to Stay off his better half.


Boma couldn’t control his laughter considering the fact that Emmanuel acted like he wanted to fight him.

Liquorose who was Surprised when Emmanuel tagged her his Wife turned around to confirm if he was joking or not, She asked Emmanuel if She was truly his wife.

Emmanuel kissed her on the forehead and wrapped his arms around her, telling her that it’s True.

The “Emmarose” Ship is definitely the BBNaija Fans favorite Couple and they seem to be very in-love with each other despite the Fact that Haters declare that they are faking.

Liquorose has won over 1.8 million naira while Emmanuel has won over 1.2 Million Naira, So Altogether the Couple have won 3 Million Naira making them the Richest Couple in the House right now.

Nonetheless, JMK declared that she has strong feelings for Emmanuel. Is She a threat to the Emmarose Ship? Click Here

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