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How Couple Poisoned their Newly Born Baby in Zimbabwe

Unthinkable things happen in this world we live in, how can a couple ever think Killing a Child who’s done absolutely nothing to them.

Couple poison new born baby somewhere in Zimbabwe

In this Article we’ll unravel the reasons why they poisoned an innocent Child, what really transpired and how it all came about, so make sure to read till the end and also Subscribe to our Push Notification.

We already entered this -ember month where people normally die because of all these yahoo boys and girls looking for ways to hang their shoulders during the December Celebrations.


On the Story, a man who hails from Nyamandlovu together with his wife was involved with rape and murder.

The Man was said to have raled and impregnated a 14 year Old Girl and after the girl gave birth to his Child, he partnered with his Neighbor and his heartless wife to assassinate his own Child.

This heartbreaking incident took place in the Small Village of Zimdabule within the time frames of Late 2020 and June this year.

In addition to not disclosing the true identities of the Culprits, the Zimbabwean Police revealed that the 14 year Old victim of the horrible incident had put to bed sometime in June this year.

The Police added that According to confessions by the Offenders, the man managed to convince his wife and his neighbor to help him slaughter the new born baby, they hence bought an extremely dangerous poison and they successfully murdered the Child.

Unknown to them, someone spotted them burying the Lifeless Child and decided to report the issue to the police. The Evil People will now spend the rest of their lives in prison, do not forget to Subscribe to Our Push Notifications from the Popups

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