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Jerome Boateng denies assault on Ex-Girlfriend

The stout 33-year-old former Bayern Munich gave his form of occasions as he affirmed for nearly two hours in Munich territorial court, dressed in a dull suit and white shirt.

Boateng denies punching and biting Ex-Girlfriend
Boateng denies punching and biting Ex-Girlfriend

Boateng denied allegations from his ex, named as Sherin S., who told the court he punched her, making her lose her breath briefly during a warmed contention while the pair were on a Caribbean occasion with their little girls in July 2018.

The episode occurred in the weeks after the World Cup in Russia, when Boateng was in the Germany crew which was taken out ahead of schedule after the opening stages.


Pressures were supposed to be high between the previous couple, who disagreed on living plans while Boateng pursued a high-profile move to Paris Saint-Germain, which never materialized.

The footballer insisted that he had “not become rough” after the argument erupted over a round of cards, and he denied assaulting his previous sweetheart, who he claims punched him a few times, causing him to cut his lip.

The evening of the supposed assault, his Ex told the court that Boateng “squeezed against my eye with his thumb, bit me in the head and pulled me to the floor by my hair”.

She claims that Boateng, who is 1.90 meters (six foot two inches) tall, more than once offended her and hit her on the back with “one heavy punch and a few light punches.. That is the point at which I lost my breath briefly”.

Boateng and his Ex-Girlfriend are also locked in a legal battle over the custody of their twin daughters, who now live with the footballer.

A few witnesses are expected to testify, and a decision could be issued later Thursday. Boateng could be fined or imprisoned for up to five years if found guilty.

The first date for the consultation was postponed in December due to a witness being unable to attend due to the Covid-19 infection.

Boateng, who has a large number of supporters on social media, has had a turbulent year so far. His ex-girlfriend, influencer and model Kasia Lenhardt, was discovered dead in a Berlin flat in February, while he was away playing for Bayern Munich at the Club World Cup in Qatar.

After learning of her death, he was given permission to fly home right away.

The 25-year-old committed suicide six days after Boateng ended their relationship, then revealed the details of her reprieve in a candid interview with top German daily Bild.

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