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New Day to Celebrate New WWE Champion this Monday on Raw

New Day to Celebrate New WWE Champion this Monday on Raw

Big E successfully won the Money In The Bank match after Drew McIntyre was attacked by the Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal and his cohorts.

After securing the Money in the Bank Briefcase, there were major stipulations as to which Champion Big E would Choose to Cash-in on – Some believed he would go for Shinsuke’s Intercontinental Championship title but the ‘Power House of Positivity’ Had bigger plans.

Last Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley was set to face Randy Orton for his now lost WWE Championship title in the bid to restore his honor after falling prey to three RKOs on Different Nights.


Big E revealed to both Randy and Bobby that he’d be cashing in his Money in the Bank Briefcase at the end of their match.

Not seeing him as a threat, Bobby Lashley had this to say – “Tonight, I’m gonna beat the hell outta Randy Orton and as for you Big E, if you ever come close to me with that briefcase, I’ll shove it up your a** so deep that you’ll begin to to taste the fiber in your Mouth”.

These strong words from The Almighty Bobby Lashley seemed to have shook Big E a bit as he was seen backstage asking Kofi Kingston for advice and more …

Kofi Said to him “I know you gat what it takes to be WWE Champion and you don’t need advice from me… you know what to do man”.

Randy Orton VS Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship would end in Randy Orton losing the match with interruption from MVP.


Incase you missed the Showdown, Randy Orton was surely battered by Bobby Lashley but he managed to hit bobby with an RKO outta nowhere, as soon as he wanted to cover, MVP dragged the Almighty to the ropes.

While MVP was being queried outside the ring by Matt Riddle, The VIPER like a man on a mission hit him with an RKO to the bare Floor. Crawling back into the ring, Randy Orton got speared with great momentum by Bobby Lashley and the match would end after the 3 Count with The Almighty Emerging Victorious.

To cut this Article Short, Big E came in with the Referee minutes later and Bobby refused to compete, some trash talk and a Slap from ‘The Power House of Positivity’ would influence the Almighty’s decision as he yelled ‘Ring The Bell’ at the Referee. Survi

Surviving a Spear and delivering the Big Ending, Big E won the WWE Championship title in fashion as he was Joined by his pals Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

Next Week on Raw, The New Day will Officially Celebrate their Long time partner on his Success and as this is the First Monday Night Raw as WWE Champion for Big E, who knows what’ll happen? Maybe New Challenges or maybe a rematch with Bobby Lashley.

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