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Gareth Bale to Miss ‘El Classico’, Find Out Why?

Gareth Bale to Miss 'El Classico', Find Out Why?

Bale Gareth feels very sad. With the one-season loan from his former Tottenham club, the Welsh Winger made his homecoming ridiculed and had many questions about his form.

Ancelotti trusted and started Bale, who felt quite sure of his current form and was thrilled to silence the doubters during a great season.

The season began great, but now everything is in abeyance because of a right hamstring injury.


Miguel Diaz, a Spanish journalist, says that Gareth Bale will be out at least 8 weeks, so he will miss three games of the Champions League (Sheriff and Sakhtar Donest twice).

The worst thing about the event is that on 24 October in Camp Nou, Gareth Bale will miss “El Clasico.”

Bale feels like he wasn’t expecting to get hurt soon after starting three out of three Madrid games and he’s really impressed by his great performances, according to the same reporter.

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