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“Saga will Just Exit Himself From the Show” – Cross to Pere on Saga’s Attitude

Saga has officially broken down due to the task Big Brother gave Nini, in this article we’ll share the details of the task with videos and More. Make sure to Subscribe to our Newsletter via the Subscription Box above.

Saga Crying
Saga Crying

Big Brother reportedly issued the task to Nini during her Diary Session, He told her to use a secret exit to leave the house when all housemates were asleep.

Nini did just that and when other housemates noticed her demise, they all went to sleep in the front of the diary room hoping that she might be there talking to Big Brother in there.


Sadly, Nini wasn’t there and the trending talk of the Day, Saga was and is still devastated, he couldn’t even do the morning Workouts he always loved.

Saga was also spotted by the Camera crying because of Nini’s disappearance and this has steered major controversies on Twitter and Instagram, take a look at the video when Nini was issued the task.
Big Brother issuing the task to Nini

A certain Instagram user was not happy about what biggie did he said “Thus is not Fair, Biggie is making the housemates re-live the trauma they felt when Kayvee was forced to exit”.

Another User wrote “Big Brother should spicen this game up a bit, let him tell Saga to go and pack up Nini’s Stuff and drop them in the Store room”. This User seems to be unhappy on how Saga is reacted to the development.

Nini herself wants to end the task, while in another diary Session after her demise, she broke down explaining what she was going through as a result of the task.


We have a video on the Story, visit our Instagram page to watch or even our Facebook Page to stream.

One of the Housemates to have spoken on the Saga issue is cross, he was seen discussing the issue with Pere.

Cross Said “The way this guy dey react to this thing dey too much, ho go just exit himself from the House”.

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