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WWE Raw Results, Sept. 20, 2021 : Roman Reigns defeats Bobby Lashley and Big E in an Awesome Contest.

In what was an extremely awesome Performance, Roman Reigns managed to beat both Bobby Lashley and the Current WWE Champion, Big E.

WWE Raw Results for September 20 2021
WWE Raw Results

In this article, you’ll get to know the WWE Raw Results for September 20, 2021.. What Went Down, how it happened and what it’s resulted to.

Roman Reigns Teamed Up with his Cousins to Defeat Big E and The New Day.

The Head of the Table and WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns Teamed up with his Cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso to take on the New WWE Champion, Big E.

Watch Video here

Bobby Lashley interfered in the match up, he hit Big E with a Spear to the Floor and also drove him into the barricade. As a result of The Almighty’s Distraction, Xavier Woods was caught with a Spear by the Tribal Chief. After 3 seconds, Roman Reigns won the match for his team. Bobby also didn’t hesitate to hit The Tribal Chief with a Spear.

Doudrop Wastes Eva Marie

Despite the Insults and heinous attacks on Doudrop, she managed to defeat her former Master, Eva Marie yet again. She Proclaimed that the Eva-Lution has come to an end shortly after her win.

The Viper, Randy Orton pins AJ Styles.

One Half of the Raw Tag team Champs, Randy Orton faced off AJ Styles in what was a super interesting match. AJ Styles was in cruise control of the match attacking the left knee of The Viper but things changed after Omos was sent out.

Despite all attempts by AJ to escape getting hit by the RKO, he still got caught, you can watch the video below.

Courtesy of @wwe on Instagram.

Shayna Bazler dismantles Nia Jax

After ruining each others Fixtures, Nia Jax and her Tag partner, Shayna Bazler battled it out on RAW. Nia Jax looked like She never wanted to hurt Shayna and She didn’t seize the Opportunity to pin her. After a series of had hitting knee strikes, Shayna secured Nia Jax in the Kirifuda Clutch and she won the match.

Watch as Shayna Bazler stomps Nia’s Hands over the steel posts.

Shayna didn’t fancy the win, all she wanted was to inflict punishment and suffering on her tag partner. That She did by viciously stomping Nia Jax’s hand against the steel Chairs.

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo defeats Mansoor and Mustafa Ali

The New and handsome team of Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza took on the duo of Mustafa Ali and Mansoor. With their new and unique offensive skills they outclassed their opponents and the question on the minds of the fans is… Are the Raw Tag Teams ready for Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo.

Nikki A.S.H and Rhea Ripley are crowned the New Raw Tag team Champions.

Over the past few weeks, Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH have both proven they had what it took to win the WWE Gold, they had their opportunity to win it and they duly delivered.

Watch as Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH win the Raw Tag team titles

Charlotte Flair plays Mind Games on Alexa’s Play Ground

Charlotte Flair joined the set of Alexa’s Playground. She tore out Charlie’s head and then attempted to make Lily suffer the same fate but Alexa was quick to interfere and hit the Champ with a DDT.

The Charismatic Enigma pins Sheamus and secured a title Opportunity

Jeff Hardy was handed an opportunity to be a part of the United States Championship match at WWE Extreme Rules if he defeats the Celtic Warrior.

The Charismatic Enigma pinned Sheamus and he was added to the match at WWE Extreme Rules.

WWE Raw Main Event: New WWE Champion, Big E VS Universal Champion Roman Reigns VS Bobby Lashley.

After Bobby Lashley’s attacks, the three parties wanted a piece of one another and then WWE Officials, Adam Pierce and Sonya DeVille made the match Official.

Roman Reigns wins

Roman Reigns managed to win the match after he speared Bobby Lashley who was busy man handling the WWE Champion, Big E with a Steel Chair.

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