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The Rated R Superstar, Edge to return back to Smackdown Next Week Friday

After a devastating re-match with his Newly Found Arch Nemesis, Edge was bundled away in an Ambulance, What does the Future hold in Store for the Rated R Superstar?

Edge defeated Seth Rollins at WWE SummerSlam 2021, according to The Rated R Superstar, he thought he’d slain the Architect but he was wrong. Seth Rollins who claimed to have learnt from his mistakes started a new beginning with a Match against Cesaro.

Edge to return to WWE Smackdown

We Saw Rollins performing virtually all of Edge’s moves in the bid to lure him out, it was when he decided to punish Cesaro with Edge’s Signature Crossface with a piece of metal that Edge came to Cesaro’s Rescue.


In an Interview Edge revealed that he thought that he had took care of the menace who cost him the WWE Universal Championship, he also revealed that he would do the same if he were Seth Rollins but all that has gonna end. Edge added that he would end the Era of ‘The Visionary of Drip’ once and for all.

Why Edge Left Smackdown in an Ambulance

Edge went on to Challenge Seth Rollins to a match on the September 10, 2021 Edition of Friday Night Smackdown. Things didn’t turn out the way Edge hoped it would.. A stomp to Edge’s neck which has been fused 4 times would take the Rated R Superstar to the hospital via an Ambulance.

When will Edge Return to Smackdown?

Two weeks after Edge Left the Arena, Seth Rollins Demanded that The Rated R Superstar should exit his hiding place and come meet him in the Ring so that they can finish what they started.

Seth Rollins said “Edge, It’s been seven days since I Laid an Ultimatum at your feet and I’ve still not gotten any response, not even a peep… But that’s Okay! Because the Sound of your silence reveals the truth and the truth is ‘You’re Hurt’, you are afraid and ashamed to declare that I’m the reason you might never get to compete in the WWE Ring ever again”.

“And That’s mildly amusing to me but not good enough. See.. I want an answer and I’m not gonna wait anymore. so this is how it’s gonna be….. You’re gonna show up to Smackdown Next Week, you’re gonna crawl up inside the ring, you’re gonna look me in my eyes and you’re gonna tell the whole world the TRUTH! That I am not Edge-Lite, that I Superior to you in every single way and that I am the man responsible for ending your Career”.


“Now you can choose not to do that if you want, but I will not be called a Liar, I will find you wherever you are and I’ll beat those words out of you infront of your wife and your Children. The Choice is yours and I know that you’ll make the right one” – Seth Rollins Said as he rounded Up.

In a Tweet, Edge revealed that he had made a decisions and that he’d be live at Friday Night Smackdown Next Week. He tweeted


— Adam (Edge) Copeland (@EdgeRatedR) September 25, 2021

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