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“I’m Happy that am out of the House so I can See Nini” – Saga on why he left BBNaija House Happily

In This Article we'll get to discuss Saga.. His relationship/Obsession with Nini and the way Forward

Saga, Saga!, Saga!! has been the Headline of The News for Several Weeks now prior to the prank which Biggie propelled Nini to Play.


Saga was one of the Housemates who left the Big Brother House on Sunday, it’s been one hell of a ride. Nini was first asked to Leave the House and we saw a Stagnant Saga who’s only Priority was to leave. He couldn’t stop hugging Nini even when her 10 Seconds Ultimatum was drawing close to finish.


“I feel like I am addicted to her, without he I can’t Imagine staying in the BBNaija House” – Saga revealed to BBNaija Host on his Eviction.

Allow me to take you back to about a Week Ago when Big Brother gave Nini the task of Hiding away from the House for 24 Hours. Nini took a secret exit which led to a White room. In the white room, she could see everything that was Happening in the House.

I will not go into Much Details as we have an article on that Already. Saga Broke down, he didn’t do his morning workouts as usual and didn’t talk to other housemates. Most of Us thought he would voluntarily request to Leave the BBN Season 6 House.

After Nini resurfaced, Saga never let her out of his sight.. In the Bathroom, at the Arena etc. What an Obsession! Saga has been constantly insulted on Social Media with most of the fans saying that the Yoruba Boy was not in the Big Brother House for the money, but he was there for Nini.

Nini had earlier made it clear that she had a boyfriend to Saga, even when he starts all these Likeness conversations. On Leaving the House, Nini Had this to Say about Saga “I like him as a friend and I always make it clear to him that am in a relationship whenever he starts this ‘You Know I Like You Thing’, He’s Just a friend who i really connected with.. nothing more.


BBNaija Host, Ebuka asked Saga what was going on with him and Nini, Saga said “I Like Nini Very Much and She Knows it, however, I respect the fact She has a boyfriend and for sure, we’ll be friends”.

Ebuka on noticing how happy he was when he was evicted asked him “Are you happy that you just lost 90 Million  or are you Happy to be Out with Nini”, Saga reply shocked the entire Big Brother Naija Universe, He Said “I mean am not that Happy that am out, but am very happy to be out with Nini”.

Saga’s Mental Health is set to deteriorate and I am Sure that Nini wouldn’t care less as he sees him as just a friend, Follow Us On facebook  and also Subscribe to our Newsletter via the pops so that you’ll never miss any Entertainment News and Updates.

Ebuka Val

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