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Pere almost Robbed of his Finale Position in the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye House. See How It Happened

3 Housemates left the House Yesterday, in this article we'll get to discuss the Injustice Laid on Pere BBNaija.

Last Night’s Eviction was the same as always, everybody knew that the house would be cleared and only 5 Housemates would Remain. I believe that Big Brother and the BBNaija Script writers are mad that the fans and the Housemates are predicting the Show and that’s why they decided to take it out on Pere.

Pere and Angel BBNaija

BBNaija Host, Ebuka First called on Pere to Leave the Big Brother House, the other housemates never knew that he was just exiting the House not the Show. Other Evictions followed suit, the night saw Queen, Nini and Saga Leave the House.


Like Pere, Angel was also asked to vacate the House and not the Show. Ebuka Made the Housemates remaining in the House namely Emmanuel, Liquorose, Cross and Whitemoney had no clue of the sick twist and Conspiracy against Pere.

To be Honest, I am not a Pere fan. If Left for me I would Like Whitemoney or Liquor to win BBNaija Season 6, but i do hate Injustice. Pere Clearly got more votes than all housemates who were up for eviction except Whitemoney and what am asking is why Pere?

Making the Show Interesting and spicing things up in other to increase viewership is quite cool but rubbing Pere who has been through a lot to be on the Show. Do you remember Pere’s Diary Session right after the feud with Whitemoney, if you do? you should also know that Pere told Biggie that he is the Most Hated Housemate.

I thought this Hatred was only from the fans and his fellow housemates but I didn’t Know that Biggie joined the Pere Hate Gang.

Why Do People Hate Pere BBNaija?

I think its Because of the incident with Whitemoney. Pere was definitely at fault but all thet Shit was instigated by Maria.. From removing Whitemoney from the Kitchen to Insulting him with every Opportunity. It was on a faithful Saturday Night that the Whole Truth was Revealed, Maria had told Pere that Whitemoney was using Cooking as his Strategy and a couple of other bad stuff.


Maria also persuaded Pere to vote out Whitemoney after ‘The Wild Card’ Issue. It was Maria who had all the hate on Whitemoney, NOT PERE. Nonetheless, I am most especially surprised that Pere made it this far for someone who housemates put up for Eviction constantly, someone who fans blast on Social Media.

The Double Jeopardy Game with Angel BBNaija.

Big Brother announced ‘The Double Jeopardy Game’ as a fight for the right to be a finalist. He revealed that this was a game of trucks and Screw Drivers i.e Each Housemate was faced with the task of dis-assembling the truck with the screw driver in reference to the Image there.

Big Brother added that the Housemate who wins the Game will walk back into the House but whosoever looses will be known as ‘The Housemate who almost Made it into the BBNaija Season 6 Finale’. The Rules of the Game were Simple but tricky, Check it out below

The Rules of the Double Jeopardy Games FT Pere and Angel

Big Brother explained that messing with the rules which I will Mention Below would attract Penalties which might be in the form of Forfeiting the Game, the rules include:

  1. The Green Bulb in their room must be ON for them to start Screwing, if any of them is caught working while the Light was off, Penalties will ensue.
  2. In all, there are 23 Screws and 54 Body parts to disassemble. If any housemate breaks the Toy in the bid to win the Game, Penalty will also follow.
  3. The First Housemate to reveal that He/She is done will`become the winner and walk back into the House.

Pere Favorite to win The Double Jeopardy Game

I think Pere definitely has more chances of winning the game due to his calmness, Thinking faculty and Overall Composure. The Winner of the Game will emerge on Monday and make sure to Subscribe to our Push Notification so that you’ll always get the Latest Entertainment News and Gists.

Big Brother Naija is fast reaching it’s end and fans are quite eager to know who will emerge Victorious to Housemates that Made the Finale.. GOODLUCK.

Ebuka Val

Born April 13th, I am the C.E.O and Founder Of I love writing articles, Playing Football with friends, and Mathematics.
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