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Roman Reigns Defeats ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor Due to Malfunction in the Ropes

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns extended his title reign to day 397 by defeating the Demon 'Finn Balor'. Read this Article for full Intel

The Demon ‘Finn Balor’ sure unlocked his brutality coming into the match of his life, a match where he had the opportunity to reclaim back the Universal Championship which he had to forfeit some years ago due to Injury.

WWE Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns AKA The Tribal Chief found it hard to exert pain on ‘The Demon’, his attacks seemed to have no effect on Balor. Reigns went down to Ringside and brought out a Kendo Stick, to our Surprise, ‘The Demon’ followed suite but rather brought out a Bunch and used it to beat the hell out of the Universal Champion.


Things would turn around when Balor decided to go for a table.. Roman Reigns quickly took advantage of the situation and hit Balor with a Drive-By, making Balor hit hits head on the Ring Post.

Roman asked his Special Council for a face mask [because he didn’t want to inhale the same air as the Collombus audience] as he pummeled Balor from ringside to the Audience area. Both men kept on putting up a show as they fought from the Audience area back to the ring, ‘The Head of the Table’ was in control as he hit ‘The Demon with a Superman Punch.

Hyped Up by his Advocate, Roman Reigns claimed that the WWE Universe would acknowledge him all day and everyday and he set up to hit Balor with the Spear. Balor Kicked out at the Last Second with Roman Reigns’ signature move [Hitting your opponent with a Low Blow while Kicking Out].

This made Balor take control of the Match, He displayed all his signature moves and finally stomped Roman on the Chest from the Top Rope, as he was about to cover, The Usos Showed up and dragged him out of the ring, they assaulted him until Balor fought back and took them out.

Roman Reigns took down the Barricade with Balor’s spine after Finn Balor used one of the Usos to destroy the announce table. As all men were down on the floor and Balor’s odds of winning very low, the Demon’s heartbeat echoed throughout the arena and the Demon in Balor was resurrected.


Balor Quickly brought out a steel chair and used it to pummel the Champion for some time, he delivered a Drop Kick to Roman and he crashed down on the Table at Ringside. Balor Hurdled ‘The Tribal Chief’ into the ring and as He was about to Hit Roman Reigns with his Signature move [Which it the stomp to the chest of his opponent from the Top Rope] the the buckles holding the top rope in place snapped and gave out from under Bálor, sending him hurtling to the mat.

As Balor was struggling to get back on his feet and regroup, Roman Reigns hit him with a Spear and then Won The Match, Scroll down and Leave your Comments and don’t forget to Subscribe to our Newsletter and Push Notifications to stay updated with the Latest WWE Content.


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