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WWE Xtreme Rules: The Queen, Charlotte Flair Destroys Lily as She Defeats Alexa Bliss

Charlotte Flair successfully retained her title as she Defeated Alexa Bliss, Read Full Article to get hol of the full

The Queen may have defeated Alexa Bliss but we She might have unlocked a bad side of the Demented WWE Superstar by Destroying Lily. In this article, we’ll get to discuss their match and what went down at WWE Xtreme Rules.

WWE Charlotte Flair

Alexa Bliss Caught Charlotte Flair with her summersault from the Top Rope but the speed and athleticism of ‘The Queen’ would enable her summersault once again after missing the first attempt and this time She caught Alexa Bliss out Cold.


The Summersault was not enough to put away Alexa Bliss as she Kicked out at 2 and a Half. The queen stalked her prey in the bid to deliver the Natural Selection and Finish Off Alexa Bliss but it didn’t work out as Alexa Bliss used a rollup to escape.

Alexa quickly Gave Charlotte Flair a huge punch to the face and ‘The Queen’ fell face first on the ring. Alexa summersaulted and landed with her back to the ribs of ‘The Queen’ and quickly covered, Charlotte Flair reversed the Cover with a cover of her own and Alexa Kicked out at 2.

Charlotte Flair attempted another cover and on seeing that Alexa Bliss would Kick Out, She quickly transformed The Cover into a One Arm Powerslam. This was not enough to foil the resiliency of Alexa Bliss and defeat Her. By that time, we could see the look of Frustration on the Face of ‘The Queen’.

Charlotte Flair later caught Alexa Bliss in the Figure 4 which She later transformed into the Figure 8 and suprisingly, Alexa Bliss Fought Back and countered the Figure 8 [This was the Very First Time I saw a WWE Superstar Counter the Figure 8].

Alexa’s Obsession with her Doll ‘Lily’ would cost her ‘The Opportunity of a Life-time’ as Charlotte Flair booted her, rammed her into the Ring Post and then Hit her with ‘The Natural Selection’ to retain her RAW Women’s Title.


After The Bell had rang, indicating that Charlotte had won the Match, She went and Booted Alexa Bliss then turned her attention to Alexa’s Doll ‘Lily’ and tore it to Shreds. Alexa on seeing what the Queen had done attacked her but ‘The Queen’ quickly turned the tables and hurled her over the Announce Table.

I don’t think this will be the Last time that we’ll hear of Lily and Alexa Bliss. Bliss will definitely revenge her torn doll and am guessing the Headline for ‘WWE Crowned Jewel’ would still be ‘Alexa Bliss VS Charlotte Flair’ for the RAW Women’s Title. Who do you think will Win?

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