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Edge and Seth Rollins settle their Heated Rivalry in a ‘Hell In a Cell’ Match at WWE Crown Jewel

It all comes down to WWE Crown Jewel, we're curious to see how the heated rivalry between "The Visionary Of Drip' and 'The Rated R Superstar is gonna end'

Seth Rollins have been obsessed with ending Egde’s career, proving he is superior and better than ‘The Rated R Superstar and most of all proving he isn’t ‘Edge-lite’.

WWE Crown Jewel Match: Edge to battle Seth Rollins
Edge VS Seth Rollins at WWE Crown Jewel Image

Edge thought this whole ‘Edge-lite’ obsession with Seth Rollins after he had defeated him earlier this year at WWE Summerslam, but NO! ‘The Visionary of Drip’ was never going to back down. The Next Night, he faced off with Cesaro claimimg a fresh start but instead used some of Edge’s moves to lure the ‘Rated R Superstar’ out.

Rollins then made it clear that he’d wanted to rewrite his mistakes after he watched his match with Edge at Summerslam annd he promised he would end Edge’s Career once and for all.


The duo were given a re-match and the match culminated on Seth Rollins hitting Edge with a stomp to the 4-time fused neck, Edge eventually left the match in a stroller.

Did the ‘Edge-lite’ Obsession End?

The ‘Edge-lite’ Obsession never ended. After Edge had been reported by the WWE to be out for some time, Seth appeared the following week telling Edge to leave wherever he is and come to WWE, crawl into the ring and acknowledge that Seth Rollins is Superior to him in every way and that he is not ‘Edge-lite’.

What Happened Next?

Edge on hearing the message tweeted “See you Next Friday” on Twitter in reference to Seth Rollins. As Edge would return to WWE, he called out to Seth Rollins.

Seth appeared on Camera and revealed that he believes Edge is a Liar so he didn’t bother coming to the Arena. However, he adjusted the camera and Edge Quickly Noticed that ‘The Visionary of Drip’ was at his house.

Seth invaded Edge’s House, drank some milk and ate an apple before he chilled off on the Couch. A furious Edge ran out of the WWE Ring and contacted his wife to ensure that She and the Kids weren’t at Home – He Further told them not to return home as Seth was at their House.


Edge VS Seth Rollins in ‘Hell in a Cell’ at WWE Crown Jewel

One week after Rollins taunted his adversary from the WWE Hall of Famer’s own recliner, Edge charged the ring in search of retribution and unleashed a fierce attack on The Visionary of Drip. The enraged Ultimate Opportunist then accepted Rollins’ challenge as he screamed that it would be him and Seth inside Hell in a Cell. That career-altering match will take place at WWE Crown Jewel.

Who do you think is going to emerge Victorious? Do tell us in the Comments, we’d love to know what you think. Scroll down a little bit to view the comments section.

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