Sasha Banks seeks Retribution against Shotzi Next Week

After a brutal attack on The Blue Print some weeks ago on Smackdown, Sasha Banks hopes to pay Shotzi Back in the Showdown Next Week.

WWE Superstars, Sasha Banks and Shotzi Blackheart – Image Credits: WWE News

Shotzi blamed her loss to Charlotte Flair on Sasha Banks so she laid off her aggression on her.

Sasha had come out to challenge Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown women’s Championship but ‘The Queen’ refuted her Challenge and gave Shotzi the Match.

Shotzi brought the fight to The Current Smackdown Women’s Champion but all her efforts went to waste after Sasha’s Interference.

In the bid to distract Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks stood on the Aprind and as soon as Shotzi attempted to Hit Charlotte from Behind, ‘The Queen’ Dodged and both parties (Sasha and Shotzi) were face to face.

Charlotte Flair took advantage of the Situation and rolled Shotzi over as she retained her Smackdown Women’s Title.

Shotzi frustrated after the loss, pummeled Sasha Banks and drove her into the Tank she came out with.

With the Current Feud Between the two top Divas, who do you think will be victor in their Showdown?

What do you think?

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