Is this the new Damian Priest? Checkout Analysis of Damian Priest VS Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE Survivor Series

The 2021 WWE Survivor Series kickoff show was the United States Champion, Damian Priest vs The Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. Damian Priest lost the match via disqualification, below is an Analysis of their match.

Shinsuke Def. Damian Priest at 20201 WWE Survivor Series
Shinsuke Def. Damian Priest at 20201 WWE Survivor Series due to disqualification

Rick Boogs used his guitar to power up Shinsuke whenever it felt like ‘The King Of Strong Style’ was loosing out.

The two competitors pummeled one another until the momentum shifted to Nakamura, he delivered his signature kicks and chops but his attempt to win the match with The Kinshasa was foiled by Priest’s Massive Choke Slam.

Priest controlled the match from there, he secured Shinsuke in a Submission hold and when it seemed as the Intercontinental Champ. was starting to fade, Rick Boogs resuscitated him with the sounds from his guitar.

This made The United States Champion angry, he rushed outside the ring and retrieved Boog’s guitar breaking it in halve, Shinsuke’s attempt to take advantage of the situation resulted in him being hit with one piece of the guitar and hence, a DISQUALIFICATION.

This Damian Priest's attitude was first witnessed in his match against Mace, and it's continued ever since. Should we get used to this new PRIEST? Click To Tweet

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