Omos Dominates 25-man Battle Royale at WWE Survivor Series 2021

AJ Styles didn’t win the match thanks to Commander Azeez but he sure came in with a great strategy, skipping to the Announce table leaving his personal Colossus to do the damages.

Omos and AJ Styles

There’s definitely no competitor who can go head to head with Omos when it comes to Strength, Agility etc. He made the most eliminations we’ve seen in a Battle Royale in over a decade.

After Omos lost AJ to Commander Azeez he turned his fury to 5 other competitors who plotted to dispose of him first.

It would take more than 5 men to subdue Omos as he eliminated the Street Profits, Apollo Crews and Antonio Cesaro with ease.

Ricochet showed no fear as he was one-on-one with Omos, after a couple of shots he attempted to lift Omos over the Tope Rope. This ended in him being eliminated and crashin down on fellow eliminated Superstars.

The Pizza meant for the winner was stolen by Montez Ford who disbursed it to crowd. This pissed off Omos real bad and as expected, their might be a showdown next week between the Street Profits and the team of AJ Styles and Omos.

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