WWE Survivor Series 2021: Becky Lynch uses Charlotte Flair’s trick against Her.

Big Time Becks accomplished what she said she would and that was defeating Charlotte Flair at the 2021 WWE Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch victorious over Charlotte Flair

The Both evenly matched competitors gave it the all at WWE Survivor Series, Charlotte wanted to end the match at the early stages but her ‘Natural Selection’ attempted was cou tered and quickly transformed into the Dis-arm-her.

Both Champions were conversant with each other’s moves and they used it in the match. Charlotte hit ‘Big time becks’ with a big foot but the RAW Women’s Champ. survived after the 2 count.

Two former Best Friend's battled at WWE Survivor Series not Just for Brand Supremacy but to find out who the better woman was. Click To Tweet

The match looked like it would be over after Becky hit Charlotte Flair with Man-handle Slam, the queen was close to the ropes and held it to break the count.

Charlotte Flair first attempt to land a moonsault on Becky Lynch culminated in her twisting her knee a little bit after She was pushed from the top rope. She later successfully landes the Moonsault on Becky, though She didn’t connect quite well.

Both Superstar were back in the ring and Charlotte rolled up Lynch holding the ropes for support, she was caught by the Ref. and Becky used the little distraction to rollup Charlotte and also using the ropes to secure Victory.

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