WWE Survivor Series 2021: See How Seth Rollins won the match for Team RAW

Before WWE Survivor Series, Seth Rollins promised he’ll lead his team to Victory in the 5-on-5 elimination match and he did just that.

Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens argued his way into starting off the match for Team RAW and as soon as the Bell rung, he rolled out of the ring and was eventually counted out.

Kevin Owens is arguably a man with Zero Integrity after what he did to his team at WWE Survivor Series Click To Tweet

I won’t talk about how everybody was eliminated, I’ll only disclose how Seth won the Match for Team RAW.

After almost all Superstars were eliminated, it came down to three men: Austin Theory and Seth Rollins for Team RAW and only Jeff Hardy for Team Smackdown).

Jeff Hardy managed to eliminate Austin Theory with his Signature Swanton Bomb and it remained only himself and Seth Rollins.

Jeff pummeled the ‘Visionary of Drip’ for a while, he then attempted to end the match with a Swanton Bomb but eventually landed on the knees of Seth Rollins.

The Visionary of Drip stomped Hardy’s face to the mat and won the match for Team RAW after the Three Count.

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